I'm having a slight issue with a lot of html pages. I'm working for a decent sized company with nearly 15,000 pages in the site.

I've been going through and updating many of the pages with a find and replace function available through Dreamweaver. Recently I've noticed a huge problem.

The last WD of the site must not have known what they were doing when they used a WYSIWYG. So they copied and pasted the design view into the code view to replicate pages.

What occured is the loss of the html tags. On very rare cases the loss of the ending body tag as well. Normally, I can anchor the search to the body tag and insert all the needed information for a header and W3C regulations.

Here is the problem. I am running into a huge amount of files that are missing the ending body tag. I have no commonality to anchor the search to!

I was wondering if there is some way to get dreamweaver to insert ending body and html tags at the end of every document in a search group or some program that can be downloaded free or purchased that can do the same thing in large numbers.

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