Currently doing application support/development. Within the application there is a set of primary links on a 'navigation' bar within a page. When one of these links is clicked, a set of sublinks is displayed which allows you to href to other pages within the application. Recently formatted my laptop. Since then, when I visit the application using Internet Explorer (version 6.0.2800.1106CO), I am not able to view the sublinks anymore; thus, I am not able to navigate through the application. When the primary links are clicked, nothing happens. The sublinks do not even appear.

Thinking that this may be an application issue, I tried accessing the application from my desktop. The desktop has the same version of Internet Explorer as the laptop. The application functioned properly from the desktop computer. When the primary links in the navigation bar were clicked, the sublinks appeared. So I concluded that the problems I am having must be due to the way the laptops were formatted. Maybe this process threw some of the settings off in Internet Explorer.

Do you have any idea what may be causing the problems when the application is accessed using the browser (Internet Explorer) on the laptop?

Internet Explorer 6.0 does not come with a JAVA interpreter. This may be the problem. Try installing a JAVA runtime. Maybe it solves the problem.