Hello there
im using the following command:
<OBJECT data ="C:\AA\bin\my_html.html" width="500" Height="300"></OBJECT>

In order to show other frame in my html page.

when i load the page on the browser i get the folowing error:

"Cannot find file: '///C/AA/bin/my_htm.html' Make sure the path or Internet address is correct"

as you see the path is correct,can somebody tell advise me what to do?

Try opening my_htm.html with Firefox or IE and copy the URL at the top. Now paste it into the value in your data attribute. It should start with C:/

I believe it will be something like:

<object data ="C:/AA/bin/my_html.html" width="500" height="300"></object>

Edit: I can only get this to work in Mozilla Firefox. With IE7, I'm getting Active X alerts.

They are not alike. One says html.html. the other says htm.html

Note that your object tag will work on only the computer the file actually exists on. It contains a DOS path, instead of an internet path. It will NOT work when accessed over the internet.

Also note that case sensitivity might enter into the problem. You might have to make the entire path (and the folders themselves) all lowercase to make it work universally.

Thanks for your replay,
html.html. VS htm.html is my misyake when i typed it here in the message.

The thing is the path exist but it dosent load it.
Mybe that it is importent to know that when i load the General HTML which contain my_html as a frame, after press ok on the error message(Cannot find file: '///C/AA/bin/my_htm.html' Make sure the path or Internet address is correct) ,i can notice that the IE dosent stop "thinking" (i see the icon moving)
One more thing,i dont know if it is important ,but the my_html is generated Automatically before presenting it in as a frame.

The following is NOT an internet compatible address. Web browsers do not know what to do with it, unless the user's browser is running on the same computer this path refers to. "C:\AA\bin\my_html.html" Instead, you MUST refer to a file on the host computer in web compatible format. The rules:

- The starting point is the home directory of your web page.

- Drive letters don't mean anything to the web format path. Your entire website must be within the folder the ISP gives you. You may NOT use C: in your path. It makes no sense on the Internet.

- Unless your PC is a server with a registered domain name, nobody on the Internet can read files on your PC. The files have to be on a server to be read.

Yeah good point Midi. Kobi, are you trying to preview the page locally or have you uploaded it to a server?

The point im not trying to load to the NET,it is for internal use(im preparing a document on a HTML format)

In that case, it still might be that the browser can't take an absolute DOS path, or a path in that form.

- It might require a path relative to the location of the web page.

- You might have a case problem. Different web browsers react differently to uppercase in filenames and folder names. All Internet addresses are lowercase.

- Is there a possibility that there are two possible paths that differ only in case?

- Some browsers can't look on other drives, or find network drives.

- Do you have a syntax error somewhere?

- Try copying the object to the same folder your primary html file is in, and addressing it as just a file without a path.