Good morning beautiful people.

I'm having an issue on a page I am designing.
My site uses two frames - a navigation frame (topFrame) and a content frame (mainFrame).

As you can probably tell from the subject title; the content doesn't line up when the mainFrame has a scrollbar - the background image is pushed left (a distance most likely respective to the width of the scrollbar).

The background is linked via external style sheet.

To solve this, some the methods I can imagine being employed are:

1. A script that checks if a scroll bar is present in the mainFrame and then pushes the either the topFrame or mainFrame over the respective distance (this would be ideal).

2. Make sure that the mainFrame has enough content to always scroll and the navFrame has extra white space to accomodate (this method seems a little dodgy).

3. Have scrollbars disabled and people can use the keyboard or mouse wheel to scroll (seems ultra-dodgy).

I know how to do the second and third methods, but it seems like a band-aid solution at best. I'm not very well versed on scripting so I'd like some help with the first method, I'm assuming it would take some Javascript(?). Unless anyone has any other suggestions to fix the problem?

Thankyou for your time.

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If you want content to line up with links, don't use frames. Use tables.

Cheers for the tip, I'll create a version using this method and see how it goes.

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