I am a amateur website designer / developer. I realize after developing some websites that in terms of user interface and physical beauty, there are stunningly beautifull websites online. They also have a host of wonderfull features like site search, slide shows, news scrollers etc etc. i have an idea in this regard. suppose some advanced website designer writes a simple step by step tutorial to design 10 stunningly beautifull websites with a host of commonly used features and using best coding practices - an amateur like me could follow his step by step instructions to develop these 10 sites and learn all this at a blow. i could even put it in my resume as websites i have developed and have knowledge of. i hope my question is clear. please ask me for any clarification. do such tutorials exist online. or any books for the same. some kind soul should really do this. this is a great idea for web design help sites or authors. i am sure it will be a great success. thanks in advance for your time and efforts

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