i have a relative positioned container <td> element and i have an absolutely positioned <object> element within it, it displays perfectly in IE but sucks in firefox, what should i do to get around this problem?

I would recommend using CSS, but I'm sure you can fix this problem without doing so. I don't use tables, so I am not familiar with the problem.

may we see some part of your code?

i can tell you what i want with absolute positioning ; i want to locate a div to a specific position on the page, even if the page gets resized the div will stick to its container div, so i set parent div's position to relative and the child div is absolutely positioned to the parent div. this works perfectly in internet explorer but doesnt work in firefox.

what is the parent div contained in? Sometimes padding and margins set by other elements around it can cause it to shift. This of course is due to FF and IE rendering these differently.