Hi Scholars...
I know nothing about flash, I have a small presentation to do in it...
My presentation is:
A car should automatically turn on its head lights when entered into a dark place and turn off when it is back again into sunlight. I want this to be done in Macromedia flash 8. Can any of u please help me in doing this??? Eagerly waiting for your reply.

Thanking you scholars
Yours friendly

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Hello ever students,

I think you'd better learn flash first. There are many video tutorials introduct the operations step-by-step. You can learn it first. Because it's very hard to talk all of the steps here.

Another way, I think you can make the flash on powerpoint, and then use some third-party tool to convert the ppt file to flash file. I remember I have read an amazing article about how to make flash on PowerPoint step-by-step, you can go to http://www.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/how-walt-disney-would-use-powerpoint-to-create-e-learning-courses/ and have a look.

Hope it helps!



You should see some video tutorials on internet and may be from that you get some help...

Thank you Scholar, for your valuable answer.

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