For instace my site is based on an online videogame clan for Xbox Live, and we all have a profile that includes our e-mail.

On the frontpage of my site, there is a link labled "Members" and this link is led to a table with all of our Xbox Live Gamer Tags (names) and each of our Gamer Tags is linked to our individual profiles, and the profiles include our E-mail addresses which are linked to our e-mail through whatever client the browser is using.

I did all of this through HTML and was wondering if there was any way to protect these peoples' e-mails from crawlers and what not, and what advice I could give them if it were too late?

Thanks in advance.

Here at DaniWeb, only members are allowed to view profiles, for example. If you were to use a backend scripting language such as PHP, you would be able to make it so that only members can see other member's contactinfo. That might be something you're not ready to delve into right now though.