I have put the finishing touches on my website, but ran into a problem when making the Form on my site actually function.

It's a basic Form that needs to have a submit button that will validate 4 text fields, then send the info by cgi to my email address. Here's my problem... I have a shared hosting account on GoDaddy.com and the cgi folder is in the main hosting sites' root folder. In order to get it to find the cgi file, I have to type in the action as "http://www.radioreferral.com/cgi/gdform.cgi" instead of just "/cgi/gdform.cgi". Now every time a user selects the Submit button, their page goes to the main hosting site's home page.

I have tried several different things to resolve it. I attempted a redirect and it didn't work... it prevented the validator from functioning properly. I have tried copying and moving the cgi folder to inside my site's folder... didn't work.

Does anyone have a fix??

Got it figured out. CS Rep at GoDaddy gave me a permission code to change in the cgi file. Easy fix... works perfectly now.