I use dreamweaver to do a football/soccer website in the UK and i am presently trying to do it all in CSS, and that is where my problem lies, well its 2 fold actually, 1 what do other web designers prefer? all table? or all css?, or a mix of 2? the reason im asking is probably best described in my second part of the problem, while doing parts in css i can get it to work just as well but quicker using a table with css to control it, and when inserting a league table, usually 13 rows and up to 7 columns a copy and paste from excel and removel of some legacy code does the trick, am i just as well to continue doing it this way or is there a easy way to do it in css? can a table be converted in anyway to ccs, or is it just the way im beginning to think .........its a waste of time trying to do it in css?
Thanks in advance :)

in ur case ill prefer to use table instead css.

Let's get rid of this "table vs css" idea. It's bogus.

Use table for tabular data, and other things that must be in clear rows and columns. You can use css to format the table nicer. Even rows of buttons are nicer with tables keeping them in line.

If you need columns, and need them to all be the same height, use tables.

Use css instead of tables where tables were wrongly used to create stuff that is not tabular in nature.

Web designers used to use tables to create margins, borders, padding, and other formatting functions that were originally not provided in HTML. These are the only tables that should be changed to pure css.

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