Hello, I did this site in Dreamweaver, looked fine in my dreamweaver editor, uploaded it and voila everything goes nuts.

List of Problems: The Links are not positioned properly, not big enough plus the drop downs to the bottom and not to the right. That was properly my fault since I just copied a suckerfish method... But can someone help with this.

If you study the News Header in the CSS, it says it has a background image, how ever it doesn't show when I uploaded it. I know the url and the pic is correct cause it worked in Dreamweaver...

The background for "welcome" is all the way up there which isn't supposed to happen, it supposed to be right on top of the Hello text but that isn't happening either.

The hello and welcome are supposed to be aligned to the left of the right header.

Thats about it, please can someone help me. I've changed the format of this like 3 times just to get it correctly done, but nothings working.

It looks like Float Drop

Thank you


I can't see the style sheet, so I can't help.

I'd say you have some styles which are assuming their default values.