You can check this problem in the pink square with curvy corners that I have in If you check the site with firefox, opera or safari everything will be alright, though. Do you have any idea why internet explorer 6 above all and 7 make this mess? For the time being, I still do not have any concrete idea about the reasons of this different behavior in these browsers from Microsoft.
I would appreciate any suggestion.
Thanks in advance

Are you talking about the missing green lines in the borders?

You have empty div pairs. Nothing is placed between the tags. This is a nonstandard use (a no-no in web page design). There is no guarantee that an empty pair of tags will be rendered. If there is room, it will render, but if it is squeezed for space, it will be skipped.

Why don't you just enclose the text in a div with a border style?

Another possibility is that the line of pixels containing the border is not rendering because the display unit decided to skip that line.

My main current problem right now is with the menu of the Home button in The drop down menu which should be activated with the hover event of the home button works under opera, safari and firefox but not under ie6. Any idea? What I do not understand is that I have seen some people using some similar menu in
and that does work under ie6 altough it is just css driven as my menu.

I already kind of fixed it putting the header with a z-index above the other stuff. However, the positioning of this menu activated in the home button is still a bit different in ie an the rest of browsers. any idea?

This is mainly slight differences in rendering that you can't control. Notice that IE renders each font character one pixel wider than FF does. They also have different default paddings around characters.

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