Hi I am developing a new site and would like to add a specific redirect. Here is what I would like to do.

lets say I own www.index.com and have a script in a subdirectory like lets say features "so the structure looks like" www.index.com/features" I would like to set it up so that if someone tries to link to the script in features folder they are redirected to www.index.com unless they were sent there by www.index.com

In short I want to make it so that only www.index.com can send people to the features directory links sent from anywhere else are redirected to www.index.com.

If anyone knows how to set this up please let me know. Ive been stuck on this for a while thanks.

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Do you know anything about server side scripts (php,asp,jsp...) and which one(s) can you use on your server. Once you find that out, look into using sessions.

I would agree with buddylee17 , the best and easiest would be PHP

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