I built a site and wold like to know how many people enter if at all

please help is needed

reese :confused:

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I don't understand this stuff, but you might want to look at the code snippets on this site for ideas.


This one is a Hit Counter - posted by ReDuX

Edit - Also some stuff on Similar threads, below this post

Hi Reese
If you're familiar with PHP and HTML then the script linked to above is a 'simple' script.
If not, you can either spend some time learning about them, or you can opt for a simpler solution.
There are a number of companies offering free hit counter services, a few of which are listed below:
Please note I have no affiliations with any of these companies, and am not offering any recommendations. I have not tried/tested any of the software linked to below.

The difference between the script linked to above and these services, is that the script requires your server to do the adding up and processing of the data. If you're on free hosting, they normally don't support this. The services I have linked to process the data for you on their servers, hence removing the need for you to have php or asp support on your server.

Hopefully this helps,

This counter program site is great, you get:
>loads of different styles of counter that can be changed on the webstat site.
>An account with them that lets you have upto 10 different sites and gives loads of stats about your site.
>A easy to follow tutorial on how to put one on to your site.

It really is great!!!

Click here to go to the Webstats site.

I hope you find this useful.

http://statcounter.com/ is another good service for this. I suggest using whatever control panel you have available to you and using that instead, though, since those are often more powerful. I'm talking about products such as Urchin, AWStats, etc.

If your hosting come with web stats, you can access to the data in your control panel without external hit counter.

I used www.sitemeter.com for years and it's free. They calculate not only the number of hits (page view per visitor) but also unique visitors. You can also ignore visit from your browser (so that the counter do not count you when you're working on your site). You can make it public or private (only you can see the stats). You can see mine at http://www.sitemeter.com/default.asp?action=stats&site=sm5store2go. Click the links on the side and bottom menus will show you your visitor, their browser, OS, time zone etc.

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