I hope im in the right forum, my isp changed the block of ip addresses , and one of them was to my webiste, how do I assign a new ip address to the website? please help...

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You don't. That is the job of the sysops.

I have never had to assign an IP address. My ISP always did that for me. In fact, each time my site is used, it gets a different IP address.

Just use the URL. That's all that is needed.

Many web providers are switching to randomized IP addresses, to keep spammers from hiding behind IP addresses, and to keep hackers from destroying websites.

ok, so how do I use the url only? right now if i type the url only I get a "page cannot display" message-

The DNS record needs to be changed to reflect changes in IP addresses for a given domain in any URL. If I were to type your web address into my browser now, my pc would send a dns request to my ISP's name server which will attempt to look up an IP address for that domain, if it doesn't have one it will request a higher authority dns server until it gets an address or all avenues are exhausted. The ip is returned to my computer which will promptly cache it and then send an HTTP request message to that ip address.

So if a webservers ip address is changed, if the DNS record that maps that ip to a domain name is not also updated you get the behaviour you describe.

When a dns record is updated it can take anywhere upward of 24 - 48 hours for that change to propergate across all the dns servers out on the internet. So maybe you just need to give it time.

Thanks, that sounds more like it, now how do I change the ip address for the website- the server is in house in my office and the person that was taken care of it is no longer there. how about the router I probably need to point the new ip to the internal ip right?

First of all, open a command window type nslookup press enter
type the URL www.yourdomain.com and press enter see what IP address is returned. I've attached a screen shot. Using my companies address to illustrate.

On your router NAT incoming traffic HTTP on port 80 to the internal IP of your web server.

(I'm assuming your webserver is serving on the default HTTP port which is 80)

ok but there is also cctv cameras using port 80

ok but there is also cctv cameras using port 80

But they have a different IP right? external and internal.

99% of the internet is on port 80 but they all have a different IP.

right. different ip's for the cameras- one internal one external- so I should do the same for the website-after i assign the new ip to the website?

What ip did you get for nslookup? that is the ip for your web server as far as the internet is concerned. We know it's one of several ip's on the external interface of your router. So by mapping/natting (however your router works) the external ip on the router to your webservers internal ip on your private office network you are in effect 'assigning' the new ip to the website.

So someone requests the URL of your website, their DNS service say "hey buddy that sites on" (or whatever it is) so their pc sends HTTP request message on port 80 to your router, your router goes: "hmmm http packets on port 80..." looks up it's nat table finds your webservers internal ip and throws the packets down the wire to the webserver, all being good webserver responds.

I havent look because I am not at the site yet- but the old ip address that was assigned to the website does not work- I can access the website internally with but not from the outside which used to be
for www.emailacheck.com

Right if nslookup still gives your problem is DNS you need to choose which of your new ip's is gonna be for your website, go to the people you bought your domain name from and plug in the new ip then sit tight for 48 hours.

Thanks for your patience. I will do that. let you know how it goes.

ok so the nslookup turn this out:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>nslookup
DNS request timed out.
timeout was 2 seconds.
*** Can't find server name for address Timed out
Default Server: UnKnown



If you type: 'ipconfig /all' (without the quotes) at the command prompt is the above address the one set for DNS ?

If so the PC you did nslookup on can't get to it. Is the default gateway set correctly in network settings for that PC? (Typically this will be the internal address of your router)

Who did you register www.emailacheck.com with? you need to contact them and get the DNS records sorted to point to one of your routers external IP's issued by your ISP.

on the pc network settings the dns is setto: (routers address)

thats on connection 2
on connection 1 (which is not connected)


thats on connection 2
on connection 1 (which is not connected)


If connection 1 is not connected you should disable it in control panel.

I am unable to get any ip address for www.emailacheck.com DNS tells me it doesn't exist. Normally you register a domain name as part of a website hosting service, typically that account has a login and password where you can administer your dns records do you not have that in your files?

Is www.emailacheck.com supposed to be public or is it just for certain staff/customers ? if you just set up the nat on your router as we dicussed earlier anyone who knows the external IP on your router that nats through to your webserver can browse the site from http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/site_name
where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the external IP on your router that nats to the internal address of the webserver. DNS is only required if people need to be able to browse the site using the domain name www.emailacheck.com.

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