Hi I have a div holding a swf inside a container div. The div moves around and eventually ends up on the left and every other browser I test in (ie6, ie7, ff, safari) the swf going outside the container is cut off by the overflow hidden;. for some reason mac firefox container div is ignoring this. Is there another solution to overflow hidden a div containing flash in mac firefox?


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This is usually not a browser issue, but a player issue. The player expects to be on top when it is running.


how does one stop the flash from loading until the tab or container that contains the flash is opened. i have an accordion menu and i have embeded a flash. ie work great and safari but firefox keeps the flash open even when all the tabs are closed. when the tab is opened that contains the flash the flash slips into place, when the tab is closed the flash file dumps itself below the tab on the page.



I'm using multiple div tags with flash embedded within each frame, overlapping each other. The full set is working fine except that the various browsers which i've got, are not consistent in display. Each browser is showing different placement of the full set. Any light into the darkness? I will be glad if anyone out there can answer my quizzo...

thanks in advance

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