i have done this before but cannot for the life of me remember how it is done. i have my title for my website which is a photoshop image and it is used on all the pages each time i go to a different page in the site it reloads the image and the flash menu.

how can i stop them from reloading each time the new page is accessed and only load the new content onto the page.

the only things that change on the new pages are the text inside the table and the title at the top of the table.

i know i could have done it using iframes and loading the new data for each page into an iframe but i have completed the site now and it would be easier to get the page to stop loading the same images twice.

When the page loads for the first time the image would be cached, this would mean that it only needed to be loaded once...

i no once the have been loaded once they are cached but even when the flash menu has been cached it still takes a long time for the menu to load up. all the other objects on the page just flicker which i can live with but the menu takes a couple of seconds to load which is not so good. this is why i was looking at loading the other pages using iframes or xmlhttprequests.

I can't stand frames but, the only solution I can think of would be to use them. Otherwise the document content will refresh on each page change.

You don't have enough cache memory if that happens. This is a browser setting, not something you can control in a program.

If the entire page won't fit in the unused cache space, the browser will dump the entire cache to make room for the new page. It does not first check to see if content is the same.

if i use iframes this will stop the menu and the title reloading each time the page is entered. how can i set this up though i have used iframes to display information before but i have not used them to link in with the navigation buttons.

Why dont you just use a template? I may be missing something here, and if i am then im sorry. If it is just the content that changes then thats the way i would go :)

i have already completed the site and to set it up with framesets would be to time consuming. thanks for the reply though. i have nearly worked it out using iframes and the flash menu. the content will not open up in the iframe it just keeps on opening up in a new window.

the code i have used is

on (release){
getURL("commissioning/index1.htm" , "ifrm");


does anyone no why this aint working

that code does work it just needs to be uploaded on to a server before it will work. why this has to be done i dont no but i guess that is computers for you.