I'm working on a web page (obviously or I wouldn't be here) and am having the darndest time. I have a page that has 2 .jpeg's. I displays in IE7. The other one won't, no matter what I do. I've renamed it. I've cleaned out my cache. I can open the .jpeg directly when I open it directly in IE7, but when I load the page, it's just a box with a red x in the top left. Since the 1 displays, I know that I have Show Pictures checked (I verified - when I unchecked it, the "good" picture was hidden. Strange thing is, the pictures show up in Mozilla, so I know my file structure is good. This is all work locally for now. Nothing's been uploaded, so everything's on my HD.

The code in question is:

  <img src="RACMapEMSSystemsMarch06.jpg" width="800"><img src="MCRAC_Map.jpg" height="540" width="800">


The 1st map shows up fine in IE7. Both Show up fine in Mozilla.

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is <center><img></center> valid in ie7?? i think not..

try to post a link or something... so we could help you...


<center> element is depreciated in html and not supported in xhtml but it would not cause IE to not render an image.

try changing your image names to a.jpg and b.jpg to see if it can find them then

the only other thing could be have you converted your images correctly. I had a dodgy batch of Jpegs from a client once which would not show in a browser.

if this is still causing a problem after try opening the image in your favourite editor (ms paint if you have to) then do a "file" >> "save as" and make sure "jpg" is selected in the dropdown.


Do your images together make a size larger than your IE browser cache setting? Try trading the images, and see if the other one displays instead.

If your image is larger than the selected number of pixels in the tag, it won't display.


I think it may have nothing to do with the code but where it is located on your server, since it is on your computer it may just be showing up due to that when you click show image you need to make sure your link in the server is correct.

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