I have a pre made flash website template and am using Mac Flash mxPro 2004. I cant seem to get the buttons to link to pages. I understand that I need to type in some code to do this yet I just cant work it out. Any help with this would be great.



Thanks Peter thats a great website. I have tried doing that with some very messed up results. This is the code that came with the template:

on (rollOver) {
on (rollOut, dragOut) {

Any thoughts on what i need to do to get this code running?


The above code if my memory does not fail me is to jump to a certain frame in the animation. You need to use getURL as described also in this tutorial for example

still getting erros but oh well think ill leave it and put it down to bad luck.

Just going to stick to html website templates from now on. And I thought photoshop was complex hahaha.

Thanks for your time peter :)

If your whole website is made in Flash, then that code would work. You just need to name frames P1 and P2 where you want to jump when those actions are performed.

If you want to go from Flash to a webpage, then you would use getURL like Peter said.

Yeah thanks. I have got it to work now I just need to make it open up in the same window when you click on it. This is the code.

on (release) {

What do I need to do to make it open in the same window and not a new window?

remove the _blank for the target. I think you can put self or _self. I cant remember which