Let's say you have 5 different images inside a table (or box, etc), is it possible to make a thumbnail of inside that box with all the images side by side?

For example, Fred wants to share his style of backgrounds, so he uploads 3 images of his background, titled: light.jpg, normal.jpg, dark.jpg

The image appears on the main site, with all three images placed side by side....is it possible to do something in order to have those 3 images as thumbnails (for placing them on OTHER pages, so where if a user clicks they'll be redirected to Freds page)? Like, if I had a box and placed all of Freds images inside that box, could I make a thumbnail of everything exactly as shown on that box?

Thanks, strange question but hopefully I got through my idea, thanks again

ok buddy if i get wht u mean properly then make thumbnails by reducing resolution or width and height, put them in a table best way to seperate them and then on the link put fred's page link on fred's images. ok ?? let me know if u get it or i can explain with the code help too

You could just reduce width and height like suggested, however the client will still have to download the full sized image into the cache then resize it. Users are impatient and if the images are more than a couple 100kb, they may just leave before the pics are finished downloading. Utilizing a server side script, you could create thumbnails on the fly that would be much smaller than the original and not take near the time and bandwidth to download. I know php can do this with the gd image library.

so why dont u do what i do!!! link the thubmnails to the orignal size image and set the target to blank so if the user wants to see the the full size image they will click on it and the image will open in a new window or on fred's page :D

Do this:
- Take a screenshot of the finished page.
- Reduce its size with a photo editor.
- Use the resulting image as the thumbnail.