OK I need a world f help!

I just started this whole website stuff and purchased a domain from godaddy.com. I wanted to know how I should go about designing the webpage. I have the Microsoft frontpage program but I do not know how to tranfer that design to the actuall website domain. If anyone can please help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.

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You need to purchase hosting as well the domain name is sortof just setting a new name for your server ip that can be read over internet protocols. However to actually have a website you need to have some sort of hosting where you can upload html files and what not.

1) Get a web hosting account.

2) Login into your godaddy account and point your domain to your new host. Your host will provide you with the information to do this.

3) Get software like NVU to create your web pages for you (don't use FrontPage if you actually want to accomplish anything good).

4) Use FTP software to send your files to your webhost

>I wanted to know how I should go about designing the webpage.
Design and implementation are different. Start by deciding what you want your site to accomplish. Look at sites that do the same thing and try to get a feel for what kind of user features you need or want to add. It's a good idea to look for style guidelines and design tips so you don't make the same mistakes that so many people have made in the past. This is especially important since you're shelling out for a domain and a host. People using free services can get away with the Geocities complex, but if you're actually paying for a domain and host, or supplying one yourself, you have no excuse for a crappy design. ;)

>I have the Microsoft frontpage program
Rule #1) Don't use Frontpage. It sucks ass. The ideal would be to start learning with a straight text editor like Notepad or Textpad. That way you don't end up using web design convenience features as a crutch. In my opinion, if you can't write the code manually, you shouldn't be doing it with a RAD or WYSIWYG system. If you're anything like me, you'll end up working primarily with the code regardless of the software you use anyway (I use Dreamweaver).

>I do not know how to tranfer that design to the actuall website domain
You don't transfer web pages to a domain. The domain name is nothing more than a mnemonic for a remote IP address and directory. You also need a machine, a host, for the domain name to refer to. Godaddy also does hosting, but I would recommend Pair Networks for all of your hosting needs. Once you have a host and the domain is linked to it, you can use FTP software (I recommend SmartFTP) to load the files. Make sure that the main file is called index, and you're sorted.

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