First of let me say thank you for anyone who answers my question.

As the title suggest I am fairly new to design but im using dreamweaver and so far its easy to use as far as using design view my question is this

I have an overage of members so far i had a contacts form were an individual would fill in data fields and an email would be sent to me and i would update there precreated profile with no information until i received an email but with to many people now joining our group updating profiles is getting crazy is there anyway i can make it so that when they submit there data it links to there pre-created page so they can update anytime they want and i don't have to do it for them.

Thanx a bunch
its driving me nuts lol :D

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You need to integrate a server side language such as php/asp/jsp/coldfusion to automatically update the database. You shouldn't be creating a new page for each user. You should have one template filled with variables that are populated by the database.


Thats what I though as i did some searching on the internet yesterday I kinda ran into some information about such implementation. Thank you though for answering my quest :D

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