Can any one provide free downloadable website templates ..??

awaiting reply,

I have to say that personally I am against using templates, but hey, that's just my opinion...

However, if you want some free website templates with that extra WOW factor, trying searching for free css templates, as opposed to html or websites.

These two sites are pretty ok in terms of coding quality:


Hope these help.

My friend.... before creating a thread... google it. There is so much in google... and it was just pointless in creating a thread.


Kindly contact me at <EMAIL SNIPPED>, I am willing to provide you free templates.

You might want to investigate using a CMS which has everything you need to work with PHP and databases included.

Try CSSTemplateMarket.com, there are a lot of worthy templates to choose from and easy to use and modify

Also, really really good FREE templates you can find here:


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