I volunteer editing/updating a website for my sons school. The site has an IFRAME for it's picture gallery. To add a group photos I added a folder into a the 'Pictures" folder and when you go the Main Gallery it works fine and it's relatively simple. My problem is that I want the most recent group of folders to be at the top of the gallery index but they more or less come in at the bottom. Is there a way to sort them. Inside the "pictures" folder is an "index.php" file which I thought is some kind of configuration file but it's not. Sorry for the lengthy question. Here is a link to the picture gallery index.

This is my first time posting so I apologize in advance for breaking any rules. Thanks

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It's probably sorting them in the order the files actually appear in the folder listing (not the sort order they display in). This is the order they were put into the folder. Adding new objects places them at the end of the list.

Try removing all of the files from the folder, and then moving them back one by one in the order you want them displayed in.

Another possibility is that they are sorted in creation date order.

that file index.php is the gallery,
it reads the foldernames and likely contains a part that reads folder names and displays them as linkand another part to handle the links when they are clicked and display the thumbnails
suggested by the format of the links

<a href='index.php?dir=/9th Annual Golf Tournament'>9th Annual Golf Tournament</a><br><font face='arial' size='2'> -

at the moment the folders are sorted in date order
likely the sort order can be changed
if you post the index php file some code guru can likely do something with it

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