When interspersing [super-script] into several lines of text.
How can I keep a consistant [line-height] ?

I have been trying to control the line-height through CSS in the paragraph tag, example.
p {line-height: 120%}
But this does not provide a consistant line height, it simply raises the overall line-height.

Perhaps putting a CSS control within the [super-script] tag will balance this out. Perhaps someone has seen this problem and can help.

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superscript raises the text, and therefore raises the top of the text,
when you see typeset books with superscripts, the superscript text is a smaller font.
decrease the font size of the superscript text by the same proportion it is elevated and the top of the text box will remain the same.
else the remainder of the text line will be pushed down so the top of the superscript text does not occlude the line above.


Thank you for responding back and explaining to me what is going on and what the super-scrip does. I have lowered the text size of the super-script by using the CSS control, 'font-size:smaller' was this what you ment?

Thanks 'paulxh'

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