hi all
i am new in web design . i saw some site when i open them in different resolution they display with no horizontal bar.

i also want to make these kind of web pages for my site.i am using dw-8 . and working only with tables.
how to set tables for my webpages .

from rohit

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hi rohit
it's and effect of css
if you assing a particular width to your hole body then it will display always in same resolution so no horizontal bar will come

but the use of container tag is much better then assing a width to body
for ex:-
in css


do more on css.you will get pretty website ..
reach google...

no... no...
don't give height and width in pixel why because that table didn't take same height and width in all browsers and all comps ..

give height and width in percentage

Percent would take the percent of the users screen...if you want it set to a certain width and hight and not change pixels is the way to go. Unless you do want the website to fit the screen then sreenin1986's approach is the way to do it. ex:
If you want your website to be 1024 pixels across, thats 100% for a person running a 1024 x (height of screen) type resolution. However it's like 80% or something for someone like me running a 1440 width resolution...so if you want it fixed go pixels, if you want the site to take up he screen go percents. or you can set a max width with pixels then use percents for the stuff inside that max width. say max width is 1024, and you want a column that is 512 pixels, use 50%. makes life easier.

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