Hi folks....

This is my second topic on CSS....
I want to know about layout, positioning and designing!

I tend to generate themed sites.... not as in Xmas, halloween etc., but as in I use graphics to generate a feel... like machine parts, the site resembles a startrek data pad etc.

So how am I meant to do this with CSS?

I'm reading stuff saying that Tables are bad etc.... yet cannot think of a decent way of achieving the same results!

Also, if anyone has answers to this, they may want to look at my other post, and hoepfully answer that also!


Thank you.

It's hard to answer this question without seeing your actual layout. Usually what I try to do is separate the page into header, body, and footer. I have a DIV for each of those sections and then use either additional CSS positioning within those container DIVs, or tables within those DIVs.

Actually -- you mentioned your layout in that other thread... let me go address it there...