Hi i'm really really new at all this, like literally three weeks new. anyway i am creating a basic website using dreamweaver and html/xhtml and was wondering how to create a message board or small chat log/chat room to add to a html page. I would be grateful for any advice, thanks heaps.
Christopher :)

If I'm not misunderstanding, you want to make a web page, that works like a guest book right, or a news page or something that is virtually dynamic right?

I guess i was thinking of more of area where users could type in their name an then type a message which would be instantly placed on a form so other users could see it instantly and reply aswell, sort of like a very basic chat room or chat log, if this isn't possible maybe just a message board where users can leave a comment and it can bre read by all once other users refresh their pages or something.

Thanks for the help so far.


well.... there is something, but it's not easy. You COULD find a way to use objects (like a java chat, to IRC) which would be a java interface to IRC (sort of like the one here on daniweb). You might also consider looking at: http://www.aftermath.net/irc/
Which is a CGI that uses server pushes to force the IRC connection to stay open.... really whacky, and a TON of work to try to set up for your site..... but you see the result.

You could try installing a free FORUM (like this), or a free CHAT program.

just go to google or the like, and do a search on FREE + CHAT / FREE + FORUM etc.
Alternative, look at sites that provide free code... webwiz etc... they are either there, or linked!

Good luck!

Another option you have is to use a PHP board, and even beter with flash conjunction. Sorry I'm not trying to be confusing or anything. PHP is another language like html, its on Dreamweaver under dynamic pages. Flash, is another Macrmoedia thing and with your variabls set can be used together very efficiently

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