Hi Folks,
I've just started with C3D PS and am trying to take a GIF image from my "My Pictures" and insert it into C3D so that I may put TXT in front of it as a moving siggie.
C3D keeps telling me that it is not a C3D file so cannot be used which is fair enough but what do I need to change the GIF file to and hopefully you can give me an idea of how or at least tell me where to look for tutorial on this as I have been unable so far to find any reference to GIF at all.
I am assming that we are allowed to use our own images in creating backgrounds/siggies using C3D and are not reliant on ULead Animated Pictures only?
Any help in this matter would be appreciated as this is very new to me (You may have already noticed! lol)
Thank's in advance... James:!:

Thanks Lori:)

I'm having the same problem.I hope we can get an answer.