Hello Friends,

I am looking for a tool to check Background color for a website.

For example, when I cursor on any are on a website, it will shows the background color like "FFCCFF" or "CCFFSS".

Is there any tool that I can use?


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Not sure if I understand what your asking. If you want to find out what background color a website is using you can either look at the html/css, use the firefox plug-in called firebug to inspect a particular element, or take a screenshot then go into a program like Photoshop (Gimp is a free program similar to Photoshop) and use the dropper tool to pull the hex code for any color on the image....hope I stated that clear enough to understand... let me know if it helps

You need a ready made program (software) or use Win API to code.

can't "view source" be used for it ?

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