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Well, when i visited your site I saw something telling you to upload your HTML files,

but as for the moving logo, that's probably just part of the HTML rendering process. As it's parsing all HTML it'll move around a little depending on what's being worked with.

Hope I helped :)


Hi on my website http://www.theconsolelounge.co.uk/ When you visit it, the logo will kind of move back and forth along with the content. After about a second it will stop. But why is it doing this?

Before anyone can answer any of what your saying we need some coding from your entire front page so click on view source and paste into here.


Yes, sorry about that, my nameservers have changed :( , I'll upload to my new server tonight ;) I will also post the source.


I have got it back online, it seems the issue is the magicthumb-packed.js file! I have had many problems with it so I don't think I'll be using it again unless they can sort it out pretty quickly :|

Thanks for all your help ;)

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