I have become quite frustrated with using lightwindow but am rather locked into it right now. I have 2 issues with my photo galleries.
1. The overlay does not work at all in FireFox. No darkened overlay over page. I have tried to check all my javascript and css and it does not seem to vary from the original. Of course, I must add, I am new at this.

2. I have two galleries on my site but only one shows up in the gallery tab overlay.

I am exhausted from searching for help. Does anyone out there know lightwindow?

Lightbox, thickbox, tightbox, use Google and take your pick.

Lightbox, thickbox, tightbox, use Google and take your pick.

I have not used this forum in a while so excuse my protocol and I am a newbie, but I am kind of locked in to lightwindow right now and making it work. I would actually prefer to use shadowbox which I successfully use for the media galleries but my client wants the look of lightwindow for some reason and does nt want me to change the basic one he had set up by someone else but which I can not get to show overlay background in Firefox.Ironically it shows in IE and Safari? I also can not seem to decipher
how to get all of the galleries represented in the galleries tab.

If you can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.Thank you.

Check to see if it uses codes specific to IE. If it does, you will not be able to fix the problem without using html, css, or a script.

Lightbox, thickbox, tightbox, use Google and take your pick.

Well since LightWindow has the poorest help or response in any of the 14 forums I posted to, I decided to go for it and use shadowbox for the videos. Shadobox appears to be the friendliest of all modal windows and does video and images. I used lightbox for the images because it came closest to the interface of lightwndow. I had to push it by my client who was sold on lightwindow.