Hey all! I've seen this question posted a while back in here but there was no response to it. I have a problem with graphics in the web. Some won't show up. I get a blank box with a red x in it. If I right click and choose "show picture" then it will sho up. I'm including some screen shots to show you. I've messed with some of the internet options settings and still won't work. Even some pages I've made it does it too as I'll show you in a screenshot of preview in Frontpage. And it's not ALL graphics, just some. I'd appreaciate any input! Thanks!!

thanks for any help!

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Last screen defenetly show that images are not found however first seems to be somehow strange. So you are looking in wrong place for them. I see you are using Front page check if you are not using full path such as "C:/MyWeb/Images/" this is know as absolute path.So if your html document is in MyWeb folder and images Images folder your path can be like this

<img src="Images/img1.jpg">

and this is example of relative path

Maybe to help clarify...

When you are creating your page you are telling FrontPage to "insert" an image into your page. When you upload your site to your server, you need to make sure that all images are uploaded too and the directory structure is the same on the web server as it is on your development server.

Example would be you build a site in the folder (directory) called MySite. Inside that folder are your html files (your web pages). You may place all your graphics inside a folder called "images" that sits inside your MySite folder. If a graphic that you are using on your dev server, inside the images folder that is inside your MySite folder does not make it into the images folder inside your site folder on the web server, then you will get the red X.

Another problem could be that you have your images where they belong, but the path to that image is incorrect (this is what peter_budo was saying). Sometimes if you include a graphic in a site in FrontPage before you save that file in your MySite folder, FrontPage will create a path that goes through the machine hierarchy(sp) to find that image rather than point directly to the image within the folder you are working in.

I hope that wasn't too long winded and helped at least a little.

From where I'm sitting it looks like a problem with your connection. It could be anything from a weak signal to malware having fun with your system.

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