Hello, I am new webmaster for my high school's robotics team and I don't understand why the pages load differently in IE8 and FireFox.

http://www.team188.com is the website...

Ok, so here is what the problem is : When I open certain pages in IE8, the area around the curve on the top is the only thing in red. The entire blue part should be red.

The page sets a cookie everytime you load it, which stores either 'uniform' or 'os' (for oldschool), then in the main index file, it checks the cookie and opens the appropriate .css file.

Like this,

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" title="User's style" media="all" href="/core/<?php echo (!$sitetheme)?'uniform':$sitetheme ?>.css" />

now, each style sheet has completely different colours. they both are stored in http://www.team188.com/core/ (either uniform or os .css)

I have messed around for months now and I still don't understand the problem. Can someone help?


EDIT : Also, the problem can easily be fixed by anyone if they refresh the affected page once... Its really strage.. have even tried to set uniform.css as the only stylesheet and completely disable the other one... still doesnt work... :(

EDIT : This is what sets the colours in uniform.css

.curvestack {

html {

grid_uniform is basically two pixel image (I think..) The same goes for os.css but the image name is different (the pic is blue instead of red)

NVM with all that nonsense.... the problem is the cookie.

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