There are two parts to this post - reply for both or either...

Firstly, is it POSSIBLE to force a browser to print when it hits a certain web page?

And before i get a hundred comments back about the evil world of screwing with a clients browser - this is for use in an Interactive Kiosk. Which needs to print as soon as a user hits a particular page (on the attached thermal printer).

Secondly - and the main point of this question...

I need to layer two images. The bottom image, needs to be sized, and the top, also needs to be sized.
Now, i previously have tried a 'div' tag, with a background property - BUT i cannot size the image within that tag. I want to layer WITHOUT css if possible, and because these images are part of a search result function - they cannot be aboslutely positioned.

Any ideas?

The only way I know how to layer is with the z-index.

You can use JavaScript to launch the Print dialog box upon accessing a webpage, but the OK button would still need to be clicked in the dialog box (the one where it asks you to specify a printer and print options) before it actually prints.

Since this is a Kiosk, and you're therefore not concerned with cross-browser issues, do a web search on "execWB" for your printing issue.