It's what we have all been waiting for, a flash based solid state memory form that is comparible to a hard disk. Sandisk has launched it's new 32GB hard drive with the use of flash memory. Sandisk claims that this new type of hard drive is faster and it will not lose you data when you and is much harder wearing than your normal hard disk. Have you ever dropped you laptop and lost your data? Then this is what you need. Unfortunately for every good piece of news there is always a down side. This new tech toy is going to add an extra $600 to the price of your laptop. Will you buy it?

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Would I pay the extra for this? No.

Do I think it is needed, given the hard drive protection built into most decent laptops these days? No.

Do I think it is good value, given the 32Gb size compared to the 100Gb I have in laptop number one, and 100Gb x2 in larger laptop/luggable number two? No.

Am I excited bt the technology? You betcha, but then I am a happy old geek after all :)

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