i was jsut about to start on python, and i was googling around, and came to a page on begining programming, and ect. And he recomended i learned html first before any programming language, but he didnt say html, he said xhtml. So i was wondering Is HTML mandatory to move to XHTML??

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xhtml is basically the same as html. The only difference is the doctype and that where an element has no closing tag you end it like <img src="" alt="" />.Ofcourse, xhtml has to be coded by the html rules that html is sometimes lax at interpreting.

Check out www.w3schools.com to learn either of them.

In previous threads where this has been discussed there is no real concrete answer as to which you should learn first. xhtml is simply strict html. Personally I'd go html and then make the conversion, because you may at some point have to work with html, so it makes sense to understand it.

xhtml is just web standard compliant html.

Learning xhtml is a good way to make sure you always use proper syntax in any language you learn in the future.

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