Hi everyone,

Im having a problem on a website im developing where images and graphic banners are not being displayed even though they were being displayed successfully previously and I just wondered what the problem could be? Could it be a memory problem with having too many images and videos uploaded to the website? And whats the best and most cost effective way to resolve this issue?

Also please note that i am currently using a shared hosting package
with 300 gb disk space and 3,000 gb monthly allowance.

Many thanks.

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if u think it might be becouse of your hosting package just check it out how more on oyur 300 gb disk space and 3,000 gb monthly allowance you have left


Hi Karol

Thanks for the advice and i will do that later today. Do you know the best software to compress images with? I want something that will give the greatest compression to each image but that also maintains a very good quality too.


Thanks Rajarajan07,

I will try Photoshop as you suggested and see how it works. Thanks again for all your advice.


you could also try lightroom...it is kinda like a mini-photoshop..and I think it has some features which will help you edit the images in bulk

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