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I have a large background image in a site.
I wanted to know if .JPEG or .GIF is the best.


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I strongly advice you to have the background image in .jpeg format.
.gif format images have only 256 colors altogether to display. That's why, a .gif image your is always pixelated.
If you are using Photoshop, you should be able to get few options on the "Save for Web..." window.
But if you are using a repeating background, then .gif would be the best option, UNTIL it is a non-transparent image.
For transparent images, PNG-24 is the best option.
Hope this help :)

~ DriftingSteps

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Hi Vinay22117,

Your reply on every thread is not relevant to the thread. Plz understand what the people needs from you and what you expected here?

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I agree with what DriftingSteps said.

Sometimes I use .PNG-24 for every image, which sometimes could be a little bigger than .gif but quality is better.

Hi there
You have to understand that a gif. format you may use for small pictures, but if your website include a large pics than you definitely should use the jpeg format .
DriftinfSteps made a good points, thank budd!!!


I advice you that use .JPEG picture format. I suggest that .GIF is only used for small pictures.

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Use GIF's for baner and such (256 colors) and JPEG for photos (millions of colors)

Spiders will be able to idex your site better this way also

Use .JPEG with close eyes, I mean use it without no fear buddy.

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No body advice you for .GIF
Always use .JPEG for these kind of works.

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