I need immediate help please

I have made a logo and client wants it in different formats. One of them is .gif(transparent) Logo contains Gradient as well when i convert it into transparent .gif the gradient disappears.

In attachments you can see the jpeg file which is OK but .gif is not fine. Need urgent help please. I have to send tomorrow and must finish it by now.


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What size is the original in px?

It's hard to tell from the way Daniweb serves image attachments.


Problems problems. Can't separate the gradient from white background, which means it will look wrong on any other color.

Can you post the original PSD?


the size is


If I send you the PSD can you do it or can you tell me how to cuz I have tried every thing and nothing seems to get working for me.

I have attached the PSD please download to see it.



In fact it's worse than that!

Even with the original PSD, I would need to choose a matt color for the gradient to sit on. ie. would need to pre-emp the background color on which the gif will be placed.

You need to tell your client that transparent gif can be created but it's a nonsense due to the gradient.

Maybe offer to make several versions on different matts but they will need to tell you the colors.


Yeah Ok mate, thanks for your time.

Happy thread solving

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tried this in the gimp

Here's a selection on different matts (file names give matt colors)


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