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When I open an image, I get error message: "Some text layers might need to be updated before they can be used for Vector output", and there's a warning message beside the text layer.

Of course, I was trying to solve this problem all of the past days.
1- I copied the font file from the windows font folder to (c://program files/ common files/ Adope/fonts) and it worked for the next startup!
2- I recognized that the font names are not the same (in windows folder and adope fonts). I rename the font name in (c://program files/ common files/ Adope/fonts) and it worked but only few times :-(

Any ideas are welcome :-)


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First of all do not use fonts not found by default in any Windows PC or Mac Desktop on your web site. If your visitor has not downloaded those special fonts then the web browser cannot display them, you will have to use an image to display special fonts.

Second, if what you are really asking for is a means of upgrading text in a block on your web site then you will have to create a "layer (div)" box with a name. A name that points to a text file. When you change the text you must save the text file using the exact same filename you used the first time, The upload process will overwrite the previous file.

If you construct the layer correctly you will not have to worry about text over-lapping the edge, or creating horiz scroll bars.


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this is not for a website, I'm working on a book on photoshop. Imagine how irritating it is!

Now I can imagine how difficult your task is. I cannot help with PS and text images, but I can recommend another program to help create book.

I don't know what you are using to write the book, however this program will become very productive for your needs.

"SnagIt" will allow you to copy the screen contents of an application like PS, then edit the copied selection by adding text, arrows, etc. You then save the image and insert it into the document where you need it.

Search for TechSmith and look over SnagIt.


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