I am trying to customize a flash template for my needs.
The site is consisted of Portfolio (Photo gallery), About Me, Archives, Awards and Contacts pages...
I managed to customize the Portfolio page changing the previously added photos. Now i have to change the text of the other 4 pages.
The problem is i can't find the text in the .fla file. I only managed to find the HEADER text nothing more.
And second...i put the web site on net to sea how it would look like and i noticed that the site doesn't open as it should. I have to do a right click and than select Show all...
I must say am no expert but i am rather good with Flash but can't solve those two problems.
Please help i am in a hurry...
I will send you the .fla file if needed...
Thank you to all...

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Probably you couldn't embed the file properly. Please attach the file for reference or send it to below id

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I understood the file is too big to attach, Ok

1. Let you check your file for some of the movieclip (or) items moved out of the stage boundaray.
2. Check whether your file published in 100% width & height proportionately
3. Or just attached your html file here to look some parameters missing

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