I have a form that when it is filled out by a user it is then updated in a database, what i would like is for that information to be sent via email at the same time. Ive tried the mailto function but doesnt seem to work

my code is:

<input type="Submit" name="SubmitButton" id="SubmitButton" value="Submit" onclick="mailto:xxxxx@xx.com"/>

any help would be appreciated


What do you expect from mailto function? Do you want to send content of filled form to user?

Mailto function only opens email client window with blank body.

I didnt realise that, its the first time im using email function. Yes that is the idea

Urtivedi is right and wrong, mailto attribute does not just open blank.

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He is right however, regarding the submitting of your form, for that you will need server-side. What database are you using? if its MYSQL, you will have to go php.

ok thanks, my database is in access 2007. I will read about using PHP for email and see what i can find

Mailto depends on settings made in IE to know what mailer to open. If it is not set, no mailer opens.

Mail to does not work if you write it on click of button. It only works with <a href>. You can write location.href='mailto:xxx@xxx.com'; on click on the button to make it work