I made this test page: www.wearwolfdesign.com/index.php

In Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and Google chrome it works perfectly all look slightly different but acceptable.

The problem is in FF the text at the top looses all it's format and goes a horrible font with no positioning.

The second issue is the tables become the height of the images they contain and ignore their text.

Sorry I'm a bit of a n00b I studied Graphic Design not web but it's a very small company so I have to cover all design fields. Sorry for using tables, I'm doing my best but I can't test old versions of IE so I know tables work reasonable well across most browsers. Boss wants this job done asap please help!

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I looked at the link in IE6 and FF3 and could see anything wrong with the text or images.


thankyou i tested in at home and it appears to be working now I think it was the settings on my laptop

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