I am looking good script that could control the site, ideally with search engine friendly urls, and easy google shopping integration, paypal, sitemap, etc.
any help would be appreciated, thanks

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sorry..above link is not matching with my requirement...admin moderator of forum can remove it....

Anything inside a script is NOT searched by search engines. The original page before it is modified by scripts is the only thing the search engines look at.

Check out http://www.zeuscart.com it's open source, very flexible, search engine friendly and easy to modify. It completely satisfies all your business requirements.

check out wordpress (yes wordpress). It's coming of age as a CMS, and there is an awesome free e-commerce plugin at http://www.instinct.co.nz/

I'm currently using it for the first time to help a lady setup a small store selling soap. I think it is perfect for smaller e-stores, and for larger stores with > 1000 products I would recommend joomla with virtuemart(cost about $50 i think). Both are great php scripts (especially wordpress).

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