I'm looking for a hosted solution where we can host an organization of small businesses and have each company setup their own page with their own password so that they can maintain their own content. I've looked at CMS solutions like Joomla and Mambo, but I need something easy that a layperson can manage. I would do the initial setup of the pages and/or folders then I would hand it off to the company owners to maintain their own content. I would still need to have access to all pages in case the owners fail to keep up their content or in case of turnover. What packages or companies out there offer something that could do this? Thanks!

Not sure if this is what you're looking for but in the past I've used Host9 for their reseller hosting options.

The up-side is that once you set up a reseller account you have your primary hosting account which gives you access to subdivide your available space into parcels that you can dole out to your clients. Each client gets their own hosting interface and you still have 'master' access to all content under your umbrella.

The down-side is that it can be somewhat difficult to set up the client end hosting packages and options and unless they've drastically changed over the past 2 years Host9 does not have (in my experience) the best customer service or technical support.

They are excellent at answering your questions up until the point where you start paying for the service :P

I only mention them as they are one of many options available for reseller hosting and that seems to be the direction you want.

Thanks, but we're not looking to resell. My apologies for not being specific. I'm looking for a package or system that will allow us, as a non-profit organization, to host basic webpages (not entire sites), for our members. We're a food manufacturing association and have member companies that belong to the assn. We'd like for each of them to have their own page to do as they wish, but they would need to manage their own content. The hard part is finding a package that will allow for each page to have specific passwords so that each of our members can protect and update their own pages.

Ok, so you're basically looking for a hosting platform where you can subdivide it into subdirectories and individually allow access to each directory to specific clients to maintain their own content within their directory.

I've seen that somewhere but I can't for the life of me recall where... realistically... if you have a hosting provider already (or your own web server) which allows for multiple FTP accounts you could simply provide unique FTP rights to each user's separate directory and they can manage their content that way... However if you're looking to have a content management suite that allows you to do a "control panel" type deal for each directory as well I'm at a loss because I've never required that sort of product :( Sorry I wasn't of more help.

You'd need a cms that will allow user roles to be specified for specific (sub)pages. AFAIK only large packages have such functionality, and those do not play well with your Keep It Simple requirements. Probably the best course of action would be to have one built. I've seen more threads about this, so perhaps it is a nice opportunity for someone to make a bit of money.

try Jimdo.com
they host it, have a nice easy to use cms and you can have password protected pages in the pro version. check it out!