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After a few months of release, our site is currently up to approximately 11,000 web pages and continues to grow rapidly. One disadvantage is that we don't have dynamic string-based search implemented, yet, so finding content can only be achieved through highly structured web directory-like cataloging on the site. For now, it works. However, we know that search needs to be addressed within the next year or so.

We've started looking into solutions like Lucene but we're not sure of what the best solutions are for search. Would any of you be able to suggest options?

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Google Site Search is perhaps an option. Not sure of the price for the business solution, but the company I worked for always used it, even for very large sites. The business edition can also be used in code if necessary.

Use Google Site search.. add the search box on the right side of your pages.. customize the search box to return related results from all of your site's pages.

Right now i don't have enough information about this but i think some of my friends know about that very well. so i

will ask from them and then i will tell you.

good luck!!

If you want an option that you can personalize, go to buildwebsite4u.com. They have a free site search engine that's easy to install, easy to update and completely customizable. No banner ads, no links that you have to put in there, good stuff.

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