every body out there!!!!!!!!
I have query for u all plz help me out!!!!!!1111
well I m working on project in which I m trying to use flash as frontened for making student information form with buttons such as
1)check (for checking whether this particular student exists or not)
2)insert (for new entry to enter in data base)
3)result (for showing the result along with the animation figure on the basis of grade)

the problem is I donot know how to connect to sql server using c# as language to flash already having action script as basic language ............

plz help me out ...............
reply as soon as possible

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Its not very simple, we are not directly able to connect sql from flash, The only platform we should use php or asp as intermediate one. JSON also there to help you out. Adobe AIR will not work on web applications so if you able to publish on web avoid AIR.

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