Why mobile websites are different from regular websites?
Nowadays days, many mobile users take the help of their cell phones for surfing the internet.

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They are different because most screens have smaller resolutions and normally bandwidth is limited when compared to your normal connection at home. Some do not support javascript or other features that are common on normal websites.

Mobile devices

  • charge per byte
  • flash never works
  • java seldom works
  • device memory is limited
  • screen size is limited
  • user interface is limited
  • physical input devices are limited
  • download speed(bandwidth) is limited

build a site that is not dependent on plugins,
iconized graphics,
standard links (default color highlight etc)
single column fluid layout (DONT set anything in px)
logical menu structure
and keep it small

http://demo.opera-mini.net/demo.html?www.yoursite.com handheld emulator, see what your site looks like in opera mini

As the OP wrote
many users use their mobile phones,
so if the site does not display on a device with limited ability, those users go elsewhere.
USER_AGENT detection scripts are not difficult to implement for mobile phones

because people use the devices, does not mean the devices are competent for the use, much is some idiot trying to impress other idiots
a few more device generations and mobile devices may begin to be functional

(and this one didnt get sent from my blackberry)

almostbob,uve said it all

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