So I made a website for a client (auto body shop), and I have a slideshow on the website that rotates OEM car photos. It also has a "band" of auto manufacturer logos at the bottom of the page. Recently a few of the manufacturers sent letters to the body shop saying that they don't have the rights or license to have those there. Now my question is what do you do in a situation like this? Where would you get the proper licensing for these types of things. :/

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From the company whose logo it is... it's their property.

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Does the auto body shop already have a licence to display the manufacturers' logos? If not then you are breaking the law. Logos can be used to give shoddy businesses credibility. Manufacturers don't like this. They do not want their reputation sullied by a bunch of cowboys. Not suggesting you client is shoddy in any way!

I guess I never asked, but it's a company that has been in business for 30 years, and before I did work for them, their old site and brochures had auto manufacture logos on them.

Anyways, I saw the letters and they were saying that the body shop needed a license to use those logos and car pictures on their site. My client then told me to "figure it out".

So I guess someone needs to contact each manufacture for a license? I'm seeming to start to get a lot of auto shops wanting sites now, so I assume if I put OEM cars or logos on anything, they need to have licensing rights.

Another question, do you think it's better if I get some sort of license to use these logos and images on multiple clients websites or have each client obtain their own license?

Thanks :)

I would say that each client needs to gain individual permission to use the license. The companies are not just going to grant you permission to use the logos however and wherever you please...

As stated by someone else above, they don't want people using their logo if they are going to put a blemish on the reputation of their company... they like to know who's using their logo and why and because they own it; they have the right to do this.

Thanks, this makes sense :)

I'll let me clients know. I think once I get this one client licenses, I'll know who to tell my future clients to contact to obtain licenses. Thanks a bunch

My pleasure.

each logo has to be approven by the owner that's why they have a (c) on them

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